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Gibson Firebrand 335-s Custom ( Sg ) Electric Guitar

  • Price: $750

gibson es 335 215901604896688670 Gibson Firebrand 335 s Custom ( Sg ) Electric Guitar


The Gibson Firebrand 335-S Custom Electric Guitar feels and sounds very similar to the Gibson SG, but is shaped more like the Gibson 335 series. It is a solid body electric guitar made from a multipiece mahogany slab.  The custom version is a bit better than the standard version in that there is a coil tap switch allowing for both the standard SG type humbucker sounds, as well as the single coil sounds (single coil sounds are similar to the sounds from a stratocaster, of course it wont be identical, but it has that "twang").  This is a "players" guitar as it was used by a guitarist in Berkeley California that sold it to me last year. I have to sell it for less than I paid because the recession has hit my wallet, but I'll be happy when someone else can keep loving it.  This one really does play smooth, like butter, with really fast action, a mahogany body and neck.  It has really nice sounding Gibson zebra humbucker open top pickups. The frets are really nice on this one, very level with nice smooth edges.  This is one you could literally play for hours on end because the neck is thin like the SG Custom and the strings are low enough it doesn't wear out your hands. It sounds great both clean and distorted. A really wonderful and versatile "gigging" guitar for a band member or studio guitarist.  I am tossing in a new Musician's Gear Wine Red Soft Shell Case with it (a $25 value).

The previous owner moved the strap post on the neck from the usual position to be more like a strat. The other hole is still there if you want to switch it back.  It has some buckle rash on the back, but since the finish is the satin lacquer similar to the faded brown SG it doesn't show up as much as the glossy coat guitars.

This guitar is being sold as is, so please examine the pictures and ask any questions you have before you decide to purchase it. All sales final on this one.  Shipping is only to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and it will be securely boxed.  As I mentioned, it includes a new nicely padded soft carrying case.  Shipping includes insurance, tracking and signature delivery via USPS Parcel Post.  Payment via PayPal only.

Thank you, Daren Myers

gibson es 335 215901604896688671 Gibson Firebrand 335 s Custom ( Sg ) Electric Guitar
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